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National Day at Amphora Restaurant

On December 1, we invite you to Amphora Restaurant to spend a special evening with traditional Romanian music interpreted by an exceptional duo: Madalin Luca (nai) and Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. (female). Our chefs have prepared a delicious traditional meal that we know will go well with a glass of wine, offered by the house.
Free admission. Reservations by phone 0732 970 181 or e-mail:

Ziua Romaniei la Amphora
Ziua Romaniei la Amphora

We are mavericks in organizing unique and unforgettable events for our clients. Whether it’s a gourmet dinner, a wine tasting or corporate events, we know how important it is for you to spend quality time with your friends, business partners or colleagues, when visiting Timisoara, so we take every chance that you choose us as an opportunity to transform your staying in an epic one.

We host a series of special events which we always anounce prior, but if you are in our city just for a short tourist city break or business trip, this type of events can be personalized for your needs and Enoteca Amphora Restaurant can provide a large palette of events to suit your curiosity about romanian local tradition and culture, authentic food and national wines.

In order for you to have a better idea about how you can be part of our special story, of this concept of “savoir vivre” (the knowledge of living) that we promote in every aspect of our relationship with our customers, in the next part of this article you will find some very usefull informations about some of the best events that took place at Enoteca Amphora restaurant in Timisoara.


Viva il vino! Opera music, gourmet dishes and remarkable wines at a special evening gala

The best things in life always happen to people who deserve them, to those people who are willing to live life at its fullest. This is the concept of the gala dinner that took place at Enoteca Amphora (in September 2015) and brought some of the most talented artist from the Opera House in Timisoara in the middle of our selected society of friends. Accompanied by a very special variety of gourmet dishes and a selection of romanian wines, the opera concert included arias from Verdi, Cardillo, Donizetti and other famous composers, interpreted by three tenors (Alin Stanis, Cristian Balasescu and Marius Zaharia), accompanied by the pianist Aida Marc, under the coordonation of conductor Mihaela Silvia Rosca.

speak corporate restaurant enoteca amphora25

Speak corporate! A relaxing and meaningful evening for the business community in Timisoara

Our purpose was to get together some of the most important business people in Timisoara and offer them the chance to get to know eachother, to build strong personal relationships and celebrate being part of the same branch, in a space which offers relaxation and a complete expertise in organizing business events. From our point of view this was only the first in the line of future episodes that will center of gathering people with the same professional and personal interests in the same place and bond a strong network together.

We believe that it’s very important for business people visiting Timisoara to have a place where they can live a full authentic experience and get to know a little bit about what’s make our city unique.

cina enoteca amphora

Gourmet dinners and wine tastings – experience the magic!

This type of events are organized regularly at our restaurant and can be also created by request for larger groups of tourists or business people visiting Timisoara. Our partners, from top wineries in Romania, like Cotnari, Davino, Serve, Oprisor, Aurelia Visinescu and more, and our talented chefs can create an epic evening for you if you choose to attend one of these events.