Enoteca Amphora restaurant has a diverse and adapted group sales offer, especially for tourists or business people visiting Timisoara. We can create extraordinary events suited for all sorts of interests, authentic traditional romanian dishes, cooked with tasty and healthy local ingredients, or you can choose for a gourmet treat from our a la carte menu, for that unique moments which will be come unforgettable memories.

You can select one of our special sales listed below, to get the best offer, adapted to your company or your private event you want to celebrate at Enoteca Amphora Restaurant in Timisoara.

Group Sales

Group Sales

Restaurant Enoteca Amphora has special offers for groups of tourists visiting Timisoara, special business gathering or corporate events. We can design you a special menu, a fine dining meal or wine tasting event, so you can get a sample of traditional way of living, food and wine. Our traditional gourmet fusion food is cooked with local and fresh ingredients, in an elegant and high class manner.

Enoteca Amphora is the one place in Timisoara where you can get a close look into the authenticity of Romanian lifestyle, but with a contemporary twist.

Please contact us on the Reservation form or by phone 0040/ 0732 970 181, and we can transform you stay in Timisoara into a never forget memory!

Corporate sales

Corporate sales

Business meetings and corporate brunches

Choosing the location of an important meeting is crucial in business. The right venue ensures all parties are comfortable and the meeting achieves its objectives.
Are you looking for that perfect location where you can spend some quality time with your business partners or colleagues? Enoteca Amphora restaurant from Timișoara it’s the ideal place to go out with your business partners, in a relaxing and refined area, enjoying gourmet food and a good selection of wines, so that your business meetings will become a real success. We are accustomed to your needs, we value quality and adaptability, in order to offer you that special experience you need for your business.
Corporate brunches are a novelty which will be put into practice by the beginning of the next year and we are trying to bring closer the business people community in Timișoara. This type of meeting will take place recurrently and will bring together valuable persons for your business expertise: public speakers, successful managers, experienced communication specialists and themed events, with practical effects in developing the business network that we are trying to create for the community.
We intend to create a correct and equitable partnership, so that we can enjoy together the results of our collaboration. We have important expertise in organizing this type of events, the desire to satisfy even the strictest of requests and an opened to dialogue attitude, to adapt to your needs.

                                                                              Seminars, conferences, team buildings, product launches

Our expertise and experience in organising business events recommends us as the ideal partners for you to make Enoteca Amphora restaurant your first choice for those important happenings in branding your company. Whether we are talking about seminars, conferences, team buildings or product launches, our locations are perfectly suited for impeccable results: an elegant, relaxing and cosy place, high speed Wi-fi internet, video projector, sound system, welcome services (hostess), media relations.
With a capacity of maximum 100 persons, our restaurant has highly qualified personnel, so that the success of your events is guaranteed.

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Wine tastings and fine gourmet 

Restaurant Enoteca Amphora is situated in the heart of the city, in the old citadel Maria Theresia Bastion, a place you should not miss if you are visiting our town. Just minutes away from the best hotels in the centre, Continental Hotel, Timisoara Hotel or Central Hotel, Amphora is the best place to take your meals and get an escapade, mixed with history, good food, good wine and the beautiful architecture of the Bastion.
We know that business people coming to Timișoara want to know more about the town’s history, community and specifics, and therefore we have a great package for this kind of customers. If you want to get deeper in the authenticity of the city, you can participate at our wine tasting events, provided from the most important wineries in Romania (Recas, SERVE, Mosia de la Tohani, Oprisor, Halewood Wines, Vinarte, Avincis, Petro Vaselo, Stirbey, M1. Crama Atelier, DaVino, Alira, Aurelia Vișinescu) or Europe (France, Chile, Italy).

On special request, Restaurant Amphora organizes fine gourmet dinings for groups of tourist or business people visiting Timisoara, where you can get the feel of authentic Romanian food in a contemporary fusion, cooked with local tasteful ingredients by our chef, paired with a great selection of wines and live music (opera, classical music, live jazz).
Get more details about this special events by visiting our website: www.enotecaamphora.ro

                                                                                                           Corporate parties and private parties

Corporate parties are the best moment for you to turn your colleagues into friends, your managers into allies and your team in an invincible and powerful one. We are aware of how important success is for your business, we know how much work, time and effort you invest in order to build a long lasting and sustainablecompany. Therefore, we have the best offers for corporate parties, whether if it’s a special celebration, the annual party, Christmas party or just a fun dinner with your colleagues and partners.
Private parties, those epic moments in your life, deserve to be celebrated in an unforgettable location like Enoteca AMPHORA restaurant. We are professionals in satisfying every need you might have on this kind of special occasions: weddings, baptisms, birthdays. We are also flexible in creating delicious and refined food menus, for best prices.
Get a custom offer for that epic event with a simple email at office@enotecaamphora.ro